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Sun Tzu Quotes

Those skilled in doing battle do not raise troops twice, or
transport provisions three times. Take equipment from home but
take provisions from the enemy. Then the army will be sufficient
in both equipment and provisions. A nation can be impoverished by
the army when it has to supply the army at great distances. When
provisions are transported at a great distances, the citizens
will be impoverished. Those in proximity to the army will sell
goods at high prices. When goods are expensive, the citizens'
wealth will be exhausted. When their wealth is exhausted, the
peasantry will be afflicted with increased taxes. When all
strength has been exhausted and resources depleted, all houses in
the central plains utterly impoverished, seven-tenths of the
citizens' wealth dissipated, the government's expenses from
damaged chariots, worn-out horses, armor, helmets, arrows and
crossbows, halberds and shields, draft oxen, and heavy supply
wagons, will be six-tenths of its reserves.
                -- Sun Tsu, "The Art of War"