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	A Mexican and a Texan worked together for a construction firm, and,
while they were good friends, they had a friendly rivalry over whose wife
was the better cook.  One weekend, as the Texan's wife was out of town, the
Mexican invited the Texan to have supper with his family.
	The Texan accepted, and that evening sat down to some the best stew
that he had ever eaten.
	"Damn!  That stew is fantastic!" he exclaimed to his host.  "What
kind of meat is it?"
	"Rabbeet stew," replied the Mexican.
	"Rabbit?" replied the Texan. "There aren't any rabbits around here."
	"Si, my freend, the rabbeets make the beeg noise, and I shoot theem."
	"Rabbits don't make any noise..."
	"Si, my freend, they say meeyow, meeyow!"