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Sun Tzu Quotes

The grounds are accessible, entrapping, stalemated, narrow,
steep, and expansive. If you can go through but the enemy cannot,
it is called accessible. For accessible ground, first take the
high and the sunny side, and convenient supply routes. You then
do battle with the advantage. If you can go through but difficult
to go back, it is called entrapping. For entrapping ground, if
the enemy is unprepared, advance and defeat him. If the enemy is
prepared, and you advance and are not victorious, it will be
difficult to go back; this is disadvantageous. If it is not
advantageous to advance or for the enemy to advance, it is called
stalemated. For stalemated ground, though the enemy offers you
advantage, do not advance. Withdraw. If you strike them when half
has advanced, this is advantageous.
                -- Sun Tsu, "The Art of War"